Friday, February 3, 2012

In COLLEGE : 20 PINTS to Students & 10 POINTS to Teachers

20 Points to STUDENTS &
10 Points to TEACHERS

20 Points to be a successful College student
  1. CLEAR vision on FUTURE. Choose course / subject of study with clear career goal or objective
  2. During the Course select important Specialization / Good Project / Practical Internship
  3. Study every subject with passion. Create love for what to do in LIFE and Learning for making Better LIFE
  4. 4. Recognize and Give importance to possible Learning. Finish Home Work Everyday
  5. 5. Take Notes (in the class) and Make Notes (after the class) are IMPORTANT. Recognize important points
  6. Share your Learning to others so that SELF Learning gets crystallized
  7. Balance TIME for Self /family /friends / games / hobby / Enjoyment etc.
  8. Keep every class mates / colleagues as EQUALS – No EXTRA TIME to make pairs to avoid TEEN_AGE_LOVE
  9. Easy to be in LOVE – BUT difficult to escape from the TRAP – LOVE is an easy war to start – difficult to end
  10. Use all the Resources like Library and Laboratory apart from the FACULTY expertise and their TIME
  11. Use Peer discussion focused to Learning, Show Maturity and discipline, Learn Creative Organizational Skills
  12. Don’t fall under the pressure of bad groups. Identify a Faculty MENTOIR
  13. Each Student should take the responsibility of creating Campus LIVELY and INTERESTING
  14. Learning in years are through DAYS added – Wasting a day / time without value addition is LOST in Years
  15. INVEST time so that IT IS PAID BACK in LIFE with good RETURNS. Don’t SPEND time.
  16. Improve Language (ENGLISH) – use all options for this – communicating with friends and faculty
  17. Don’t Miss Reading NEWS PAPER; if not educated LITERATES - who else are to read DAILY?
  18. Long Journey to and from College to be utilized creatively. Learn to learn in Move.
  19. Use of INTERNET / SOCIAL Groups to Learn and SHARE. Not for TIME PASS.
  20. EXTRA / INCIDENTAL / LONG HOLIDAYS are to be used for LEARNING LIFE Skill / Soft Skill / Career Training
10 Points to be a successful College Teacher
  1. Learn the SUBJECT and related topics well in advance. A Good Teacher is ever-ready and can engage LONG Hours. Relate subjects to Practical Use and Relevance. Make the Objective of the CLASS very clear.
  2. Never Scold / make to wait STUDNETS who are LATE in to the CLASS – They are better than absentees. They are the one who must have struggled all the way to make to your class.
  3. NEVER scold an individual student in the CLASS – it amounts to wasting time many who are waiting to LEARN from you.
  4. CONTROL the class. Don’t allow chit-chat while you are teaching. Throw indisciplined Students OUT.
  5. Never help students for EXAMS. Help them to Learn.
  6. Be tough and make difficult questions – Evaluate liberally. Indicate mistakes, allow students to read other students’ answer sheet to realize their mistakes.
  7. Be a Creative Teacher. Make class Edutainment (mixing education & Entertainment). Use all possible Technologies in the class. It is time to move to Multi-Media teaching. No BLACK and WHITE Boards – make it COLORFUL.
  8. Allow Students to ask QUESTIONS> Class ending without questions is useless. Teach them to take NOTES and Making NOTES. Review the CLASS after each session.
  9. Consider Students as elders and treat them as responsible ones. Soon they are going to be in JOB and in HIGH POSITION in Society. Respect them.
  10. Play the role of MENTOTR to each one of your students. They need some guidance from you. If they are bad. It is because of you. Making good STUDENTS is a Collective responsibility of Teachers – It is an Institutional Responsibility – Singled out Teachers Will NOT be able to do this.


  1. Hi sir,
    Its really a good post for us to improve ourselves.. Thank you sir, we do follow these points..