Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MEDICAL ENTRANCE !! self motivated ..

Good afternoon sir
Hope you remembered me...Archit Jain (ex-Translamian) from Meerut.
With the help of your guidance and consultation, I am carefully proceeding on the 'road' which (might) will take me to my 'destination' of getting selected in AIIMS-2010...(that too without any coaching/tuition).
For the same, I am pursuing Distance Learning Programmefrom a medical coaching institute-ALLEN from Kota...at home.They have provided there study material and they periodically conduct tests on the basis of the fore-given syllabus.Here are the results :
  • TEST-1 38.25%
  • TEST-2 28.63%
  • TEST-3 31.13%
  • TEST-4 40.21%
  • TEST-5 (Result awaited)
But on the basis of Answer key provided:
Results of initial tests are somewhat discouraging but what i concluded after much analysis that it was due to incompletion of syllabus before test.I worked upon it and finally I got the result which was 'less discouraging'.
But it doesn't made me feel any need for tuition or coaching...it rather instill in me a flame of inspiration..because"Great pleasure in life is doing things which people say you cant do..!"
Words and efforts of my parents too, help me in increasing the 'brightness' of that flame..
They have made available me computer and Internet for the resolution of any doubt or query online..which is helping me a lot..really ! At times, it proves to be an extra edge over the students (and my friends) pursuing Classroom Programme from the same institute at KOTA...
But the question that time and again strikes my mind is HOW AND WHEN I WILL COMPLETE THE LEFT OUT SYLLABUS OF INITIAL TESTS ??..This question always constrain me in studying efficiently.The syllabus of each test is so lengthy and congested that it doesn't allow me to look into the past syllabus..whose completion is also very necessary.
(The test series will be continuing till..20 FEB..huff! )
Hence,I need yet another 'pearl' of your guidance from the treasure of your 'consultancy'.
Looking forward to your reply!
(Hope 19th CWG will make INDIA proud..we can only hope!)

Archit Jain
Your devotee student

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